Friday, March 8, 2013


Our "About Events" page has been remodelled and our "Become a Sponsor" page has been remodelled.

About Events Changes:
  • The event has been better described in more detail. At first it was a little confusing I know but I have finally had time time to sit and redo this for your eyes and knowledge!
  • We have finally deciphered HOW this event will run and the order of events and have explained it in a lot ore detail. Sponsers and potential designers, there is a section that better explains your role as well.
    • Shows
    • After Show Vote
    • Fair
    • Auction
Become a Sponsor Changes:
  • Inculded the profit values for fair location and auction sales
  • Included the cost of sponsorship
  • Included the avaibillity of a fair location for cash sponsors

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy <3

You can also access the page by clicking here.

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