Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Event!

As part of our events over the course of our time, we will be hosting various concerts for charity in which you can come and hear some of the best singers in Second Life. I would like to happily announce the joining and acceptance from the talented singer Kaleb Avedon to preform for us in May 2013.

Kaleb Avedon is a Hispanic Singer/Songwriter in SL.  He has been writing songs and playing the guitar since he was 14 yrs old.  His repertoire is filled with romantic songs from his bi-cultural heritage and his own inspiration.  They include songs from Garth Brooks, Jewel, Elvis Priestly, Hinder, Enrique Iglesias, Jesse and Joy and many more. So come, sit by the fire and listen to him sing and be transported to a place of romance.

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